Well hell.

I know nobody reads this anymore. It was hard to update when there was nothing really to gripe about, ya know?

But today.

We arrive at eight in the AM, and everything is pretty much as per normal until around lunch time, when we were called into the break room for the announcement that we won't have jobs as of October First.

Yup. Three week notice. Thanks, assholes.

Ah but the story, my friends, it gets better.

The whole thing came about, I am told, because we got raises.

federally mandated raises mind you. All federal employees and federal contractors got em. Thanks, government!

Unfortunately, opinions differed on who should be paying said raises.

The IRS was pretty sure that IAP should be paying them, since they are the contractor.

IAP is equally sure that the IRS should be paying them, since the raise was a federal mandate.

This week, IAP gave the IRS an ultimatum: Either they pay the money, or IAP walks.

The IRS, clearly confused by IAP's psychology, thanks IAP for giving its jobs back, and sends IAP on its merry way.

Which means I have no job, as of next month.

Which means I am hosed, unless the IRS will hire me to do my own job. The irony here is that I worked for the IRS, then worked for IAP, and now hopefully will work for the IRS again... doing THE SAME WORK.

I should move to Alaska. Lots of government and military jobs in Alaska.